Phoria contemporary rock music image band group image

Phoria contemporary rock music image band group image
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Track Of The Day 22/7 - Phoria
Robin Murray

Phoria's sub-zero electronics has built into a potent world, a nexus where the abilities and passions of each musician can coalesce.

New album 'Caught A Black Rabbit' finds the collective viewing that same arena of possibility from fresh angles, an abstract piece of contemporary classical that overhauls their sound.

Out on November 13th, it was recorded at the hallowed ground of Abbey Road, with Phoria backed by a 12 piece ensemble, while founding member Jeb Hardwick returns.

'Caught A Black Rabbit' – an abstract contemporary-classical record – is set for release on November 13th.

Icy new single 'Current' leads the way, and its crystalline shapes give the piece an enduring sense of strength.

"We all have hidden depths, through which our vulnerable excitement flows... sometimes a storm will brew and the glassy surface that hides it all is disturbed," says Trewin Howard. "When sequencing the record, we came to consider 'Current' as the centrepiece of the album. It seemed to represent a bridge between the harmonic sensibilities of Volition, with the more ambitious arrangements that typify 'Caught A Black Rabbit'".

'Current' becomes a place where aesthetics align, where Phoria allow themselves a chance to breath, and to glimpse new grounds.

'Current' is available now on Spotify and Soundcloud - see links below.

Phoria contemporary rock music image band group image